Become a Patron of Innovus Photography

Throughout history patronage of the arts has been left to kings and queens of nations or the very wealthy who supported artists in sculpture, music, painting and many other forms of the arts.  In current times the act of patronage of the arts has been left behind along with the noble systems of society of the middle ages.

Today there is a new form of patronage where people of all walks of life can participate.  With the advent of the Internet and the concept of crowd funding many people can come together with small amounts to support one artist in their work.

You have the opportunity to support Innovus Photography as a Patron!  There are two sites built on the Patreon engine that allow you to participate.

  1. You can participate as a Monthly Parteon Here.  By participating here you will be helping finance and UV multi-substrate printer.  The reward for your patronage will be an exclusive Hummingbird photograph printed on tiles or coasters.  One new image, each month you participate as a patron.
  2. You can participate as a Per Item Patreon Here.  By participating here you will be helping will new equipment to take different types of pictures.  Your reward for participating will be either the exclusive picture offered each time a new picture is released to the Patreons or you can select any of the pictures from the existing on-line shopping cart at

I encourage you to participate in patronage of the arts.  You can support Innovus Photography for as little as $3.00 per month.